Mitch Directs Hollywood Talent

Mitch Carley, Wrote and Directed the premier episode of World of Wings.

Mitch directed 12 crew members and up to 15 cameras in a week during the 2001 Reno National Championship Air Races. 7 fo these crew members are in active Directing and Production rolls where they live - Hollywood, CA. These Hollywood crew members and Directors are now on projects for Disney, Universal, Jim Henson MuppetWorks and more.

In addition, Mitch developed the Brand ID for WOW.

(February 27, 2001, Alpharetta, GA) World of Wings, Inc. (WOW) recently released a one-hour television special, "People, Passion, Pistons and Power - inside coverage of the 2000 Reno National Championship Air Races." People, Passion, Pistons and Power was shot at the Reno air races in September to be the premier episode of "World of Wings - the very best in aviation," an upcoming TV series featuring exciting aviation stories from around the world.

I am pleased to announce that the 2000 Reno air races special will begin airing this spring on a national Cable Network. After reviewing this most recent WOW TV production, they readily accepted the show and asked for an exclusive broadcast agreement on the next twelve shows in the WOW series. The follow-on deal is being negotiated.

The upcoming WOW TV series is being planned to take on a magazine format and be hosted by a well know air show performer. Special guests will include aviation legends, celebrities and other colorful characters in aviators.

Last year, WOW Media Productions, in association with Maverick Entertainment, produced a 5-part series "Speeders in the Sky," which is now airing on the Discovery Wings Channel.

I would like to thank Mitch Carley, David de Vos, Jeff Lee, Larry Addison and Wayne Sagar and their production crews, and Rebecca Wengrow for making People, Passion, Pistons and Power an early success. The WOW media production team is off and running. Expect more exciting announcements in the near future.

Bob Avery
World of Wings, Inc.

Telly Award Winner

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