Mission - Write, Direct and Produce a Feature Film.

Mitch 'cut his teeth' on major Feature Film making with this Project.  Mitch, Wrote, Directed and Co-Produced this film within two years.  Mitch assembled a world-class Production-Team...from Producers & Crew to the best aviators in the World.  Mitch approved everything, from Casting to Federal Aviation Administration (same rules and regs.. as films such as TopGun) relationships and regulations, City of RENO (Mocked Parade in downtown), All Fire and Emergency Crews...to Snacks for Crew  - all went through Mitch Carley...and his world-class Producers & Crew.
  This HD Production used over 8 vintage WW2 Racing Fighters capable of over 500MPH speeds, 2 HD Cam Helicopters, 1 HD Cam Fighter Jet (CineAlta 950 on-board was the same system George Lucas used on the second wave of StarWars films)...HD Ground Cameras, and over 12 HD on-board setups...

Result - NetFlix Distribution - in addition to debuting on Turkey (HD TV) 

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Below are just a fraction of
'over 300' Thunder Over Reno,
Storyboard's Mitch personally