Mission - Fashion shoes within PATRINI stores were not departmentalized easy

due to store-stock fluctuation.

- PATRINI Trilons were developed and are now in use by many fashion


Mission - This LA, CA outdoor campaign was

developed to create a high-impact fashion brand

destination statement for the PATRINI fashion

shoe locations.

Result - A complete sell-through of

featured shoes within the first week of initial store


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Mission - Go 'in-house' at a privately held company that had over 650 Shoe Stores nationwide and in Mexico, with the goal of creating award winning work that drove sales.

- Record-breaking sales were achieved from all creative-marketing efforts, revised Brand Building to National TV campaigns that won Awards and drove sales...in fact the Batman (Warner bros.) approved Adam West campaign won the coveted RAC Annual Best in Show...all Created, Directed and Produced by Mitch Carley and team.